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About Handan.

Woman, sister, daughter, wife and mother of one girl, currently pregnant, spiritual traveller since childhood...
I was born as a so called "turkish Münchner Kindl" in Munich on a November day in 1984. Having many years of yoga experience in various yoga traditions, i study, beside yoga, bodywork, Shamanism and the healing potential of plants. I teach in Germany and southern Spain, where i now spend most of my time. My teaching is, according to students and collegues. distinguished by my clear instructions, loving nature and precise adjustements. My focus was on the so-called vinyasa flow yoga and selfpractice / "Mysore" style but by now i offer more and more purely therapeutic yoga programs in individual sessions or small groups. Furthermore, as a long term student of the wellknown ashtanga yoga / vinyasa krama teacher Matthew Sweeney ( i am one of the few authorized teachers worldwide to teach the moon sequence. Beside my work as a yoga teacher i give frequently bodywork sessions where i combine traditional Thai yoga massage techniques with other technqiues from osteopathy, shamanism, aromatherapy and/or Yoga Nada - the yoga of sound. In leisure times i try to travel as much as I and we can, especially to places where the power of nature is strong and therefore easy to absorb, ride my motobike or train the ancient art of "just being".


Here are some testimonials from students, collegues and previous studios i was teaching regularly:


"Handan is a great teacher with an impressive knowledge. Her teaching can definitely be described as demanding. Thanks to her clear instructions, her focus on alignment and technique everybody is always working in a safe area on refining their personal practice - whether a beginner or an advanced Yogi . The sequences are selected varied and wisely , difficult passages and asanas are well prepared and she always gives variations, so students can feel the effect of the postures at any level. Highly recommended are Handan's backbending workshops as well as the Moon - Sequence!" - Petra K., Munich


"I was lucky to participate in a retreat which Handan held in Turkey some time ago. I knew that yoga is not just about asanas and breath control. But in this retreat I eventually became aware of what yoga means in a deeper sense actually. Thanks Handan - you have brought my soul to sound." - Rosina Z., Munich


"I've participated on two weeklong retreats with Handan and i really liked them! Especially the fact that Handan is a nicely structured and disciplined yogateacher who fully accepts every students. Personally i also like it a lot that she is strict and demanding. Her classes are well structrued and fullfilling. Furthermure, she inspires to continue working independently at home. Great also the mantra chanting and i hope she will record them soon." Petra H., Düsseldorf


"Handan is a teacher who encourages and demands, always depending on your current state. With her quiet and humorous style she guides her students - always with a strong emphasis on breathing. Corrections are factual and positive, and sometimes very funny. (...) With her eagle eyes she sees smallest details and it seems like she sometimes can read my mind, when i'm wondering where to put my feet or so, she appears and explains. An outstanding feature of her work as a teacher is the introcution to self-reliance (aka self-practice). So i enjoyed our last retreat in so called "Mysore" style a lot as i was able to really work through my practice so much more efficient. She is open, honest and ready to discover new areas in her body and work, she has a big heart, loves meditation and different meditation techniques and: it's about her attitute, healing, questioning and investigating of one's own patterns, our own truth and eventually find mental silence, which is find very inspiring." Karin M., Munich


"Highly recommended! Handan's teaching is demanding, yet always kind and supportive, she is very observant and her instructions are always rich in content and precise. My first retreat with Handan gave my practice a new direction as it was my introduction to Vinyasa-Style Yoga and to the teachings of Matthew Sweeney and so I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga and the Moon Sequence since then." Andreas L., Tönirvorst (was on regular and private retreats)


"Handan teaches from the depths of her own practice, a very solid teacher experience and her personal development. Quietly, calmly and lovingly, with a very charming twist of seriousness and humor" Regina G., Owner and head teacher of Yam Yoga Studio in Munich (